FREEDIVERS was founded in 2014 in Albenga (Liguria – Italy) from Stefano and Sara, sea lovers and scuba divers since ever. The idea was to create a Diving center dedicated to weekenders focused on professionality and friendly atmosphere.

The purpose was to do scuba diving with professionals, who will not only show you a fascinating world, but also will give you the necessary calm to be able to enjoy your dive at maximum level. Combining a fantastic dive together with a joyful drink or a good dinner with friends, has been the “final touch” of a successful formula.

In 2016 Ero have joined the group and, with his great experience on marine biology and underwater photography, has given to FREEDIVERS something that very few other dive centers had.

In 2018 the big jump! Stefano, Sara and Ero wanted to develop furthermore their successful idea and commit themselves much more into their passion: leave their everyday lives and dedicate themselves 100% to this adventure by looking for a new location which could offer, meteorically speaking, the possibility to work throughout the year without interruptions.

The choice ended to Sicily, a fantastic land that offers fantastic climate, underwater beauties, cultures and excellent food which are, according to us, the fundamentals of the “perfect vacation”!