A full day on the boat with two or three fully guided scuba dives, free drinks and available space for relaxing under the sun. A full day in the spirit of enjoyment, sun, sea and good food together with friends who love scuba diving or simply are sea lovers who will join us maybe only for snorkeling or simply enjoy themselves on the sea.

Night Dive or Full Night

Scuba dive at night….one of the most fascinating experience that you can do! All Fridays or on request we will scuba dive at night near the Capo Gallo Reserve. Full Night means two or more dives dedicated to underwater photography with a final friendly appetizer on boat.

Boat tours

All afternoons it will be possible to enjoy a boat tour of approximately three hours with the possibility of snorkeling or simple swim in the beautiful waters of the Capo Gallo Reserve. A complimentary refreshment will be given during the tour. It is possible to rent the entire boat for some private special event.